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Monday, February 2, 2015
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Tuomas Saukkonen is no stranger ! (BEFORE THE DAWN, BLACK SUN AEON) He unexpectedly laid both bands to rest and announced his intention to focus solely on a new act called WOLFHEART. I must say : there is some really good stuff here. “The Hunt” is a beautiful melodic opener. Also impressive is the somber and catchy “Witheout” which has a gobsmacking lead riff and a true Finnish winter vibe in the same vein as “Insomnium” and “Rapture”. It could have been on Black Sun Aeon’s Routa album and the same could be said for “Rout apt.2”, “Gale of Winter”and “I”. The song “Ghosts of Karelia” didn’t touch me! “Chasm” also underwhelms and “Strength and Valour” is generic, Before The dawn style melo-death that gets slightly redeemed by a winning chorus. OK, Tuomas Saukkonen is a prolific composer and performer who has already amassed an impressive archive of music, there’s some beautiful and moody music here and it’s well worth checking out for fans of the Saukkonen catalog but don’t expect a new approach to go with the cool new name.