Album Title: 
At The Caves Of Eternal
Release Date: 
Monday, April 8, 2013
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Swedish band Zombiefication was formed in … oops, they are not from Sweden?!!!? Zombiefication hail from Mexico and consist of members from e.g. Inhearted, Majestic Downfall and Dies Irae (the Mexican one for sure).

Why that reference to Sweden? Well, it hasn’t only to do with the mix and mastering: taken care of by nobody else but Tore Stjerna at the famous Necromorbus Studio (think: Setherial, Damnation Army, Watain, Desultory, and more Swedish aural violence). But without noticing the roots of this band, one cannot but be sure about a clear, evident Proto-Swedeath sound in the vein of Nihilist (pre-Entombed) and the likes. Those who are trusted with 2010’s full length Midnight Stench or the 2012-mini album Reaper’s Consecration (review: see update 09/12/12 within the Archives section) know what I mean. Those who are not: Zombiefication are the Mexican edition of Nihilist in all aspects: play and performance, song writing, and sound.

But for the first time Zombiefication aren’t just a (wonderful and appreciated-by-undersigned) clone of those Swedish protagonists of Ultimate Death Metal. Still the band sounds extremely influenced by that Scandinavian country (why not?), but this time the team of Mr. Hitch and Mr. Jacko comes with a specific, self-developed approach. The Old School from Sweden (i.e. Nihilist / Entombed, Grave, Desultory, Repugnant etc.) and, at the same time, the North American one (think: Autopsy, earlier Death, Incantation etc.), have evolved into a more sinister, darker, more rancid infestation (infection?) with recognizable but timeless melodies and structures, and with some more variety than before. On top of it, the average quality of song writing and performance has grown as well, and therefore this album for sure is Zombiefication’s most convincing album to date! Forty four minutes of Death Glorification from the sleaziest crypt…