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various artists (IDIL 2024)

Raffaele Pezzella, musician, master, label owner and so much more, came with the idea to have a kind of ‘contest’, an award in order to go even further with the promotion of the scene. This ‘election’ must be seen as a dedication to the underestimated worlds of sonic satisfaction, where / when ‘darkness’ and ‘innovation’ meet.

various artists

I do not think that it is absurd to consider the Necronomicon as one of the most enigmatic and secretive books in history of occultism and (black) magic. It was once written by the Mad Arab aka Abdul Alhazred. The latter, however, did not really exist, as you might probably know; yet it’s a character coming from the unique brain of Howard P. Lovecraft. I am not going too deep into this subject, even-though it is of an undeniable fantastic (and important) weight.

various artists (The Body Of Horror)

I think most people do recognize the name of David Cronenberg for his (horror) movie The Fly, or films like A History Of Violence, eXistenZ, Naked Lunch or Eastern Promises. And I know that this site deals with reviews about Aural Art and not motion pictures or any other form of (visual) artistics, but I have to admit that this Canadian film director and screenwriter is one of my personal favourites.

various artists (cycles ii)

Cyclic Law, currently located in France, were formed in 2002 ‘to promote international musicians working in the field of Ambient, Experimental and Industrial Soundscapes’. The label gets run by Frédéric Arbour, who is the same mastermind behind projects like Visions, Instincts and some others.

various artists (Tomb Of Primordials)

This review deals with the sixth release in the dark-mythological Tomb series, ‘a dark exploration of the multifaceted entities of Sumerian mythology and the many dark places they inhabit. Places that still resonate with raw, ancient power’. This newest chapter invites the listener ‘to the dark realms of Mesopotamia, where over 5.000 years ago a civilization both physical and spiritual was founded’.

various artists (Sounds Of Hell Series Volume IV)

The compilation Sounds Of Hell Series Volume IV is, indeed, the fourth one in a series compiled by Sounds Of Hell, a young yet deeply dedicational label from Flemish soil (the ancient-historic city of Diest, more specifically, in case of interest). The series focuses on lesser known and not that unknown bands and projects from the Benelux area (i.e. Belgium, Holland and, who knows, Luxembourg too).


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