Aesthetic Death


This is a rather strange thing. It is not impossible that you heard of Esoteric before, one of the most impressive Extreme Doom acts from the U.K., no, from Mater Terra. This is not a review about them, but they are top! They just are… I like about everything they did… Oops, once again, this review deals not with an Esoteric recording, I am sorry…

The Nulll Collective

Well, I did know the label Nulll Records, so when I heard about a band called The Nulll Collective, a voice in my head, one of the many ones, started shouting around: ‘pay attention! pay attention!’. Next step, seeing this project being signed to Aesthetic Death… Okay, this cannot be a coincidence anymore… This must be something Stijn Van Cauter being involved with! And indeed, this great Belgian musician is one of the guys behind The Nulll Collective.

Fatum Elisum

Fatum Elisum are a band from the city of Rouen, in the North of France, formed in 2007 in order to pay tribute (not just as another cover band) to the likes of Saint Vitus, My Dying bride, Esoteric, Paradise Lost, Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Cathedral etc.; things that are as poundingly slow as they are heavy… They were created as well to pay honour to literary masterminds like Nietzsche, Baudelaire, Villon,


French act Eibon, with former members of e.g. Horrors Of The Black Museum, Garden Of Silence, Decline Of The I, Drowning or Colossus Of Destiny, return with their second album, once again for Aesthetic Death. And just for info: in the past they released some material on splits too, as well as an EP.

Black Depths Grey Waves

UK-based label is quite an ‘old’ label, yet pretty modest in releases. There was some material during the nineties, followed by a period of relative silence, yet the label continued releasing new stuff as from half of last decade again, though still limited in number.


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