Aesthetic Death

Suffer Yourself

I did deeply adore the former albums Inner Sanctum and Ectoplasm by Suffer Yourself, a project from Poland, no, Ukraine, or is it Sweden? No, seriously, Suffer Yourself was formed a decade ago by Stanislav ‘Hardman’ Govorukha, originating from the Polish side of the Carpathian mountains, but who moved over to Kyiv a while ago. At that time, he was the sole musician under this outfit’s moniker.

Hallowed Butchery

Some might recognize the name of Ryan Scott Fairfield from his activities in Terrible Old Man / Toxic Cross, but he used to be the guy behind Hallowed Butchery as well. ‘used to be’? Well, no no no, for Hallowed Butchery apparently have not faded away yet into the one true reality, death. It took a decade or so, but this project resurrected from oblivion with a new pièce d’art sonorique, called Deathsongs (From The Hymnal Of The Church Of The Final Pilgrimage).

Megalith Levitation / Dekonstruktor

Once again Aesthetic Death come up with a psychedelic thing, but once more it is not just ‘another psychotropic event’ going on, yet another unique, open-minded sonic session. This time Stu and his crew focused on the release of a split in between two acts from Russian soil, Megalith Levitation and Dekonstruktor. A small introduction might be of resignation.

Dark Awake

Hecate or Hekate was a goddess originating from the Anatolian region, also divinized by the ancient Greeks. She was a goddess of magic, witchcraft, natural medicine knowledge, birth, spiritualism, you know, an important entity for sorcery, necromancy, health and death. This mythological figure has been a huge source of inspiration for several religious and artistic trends, and she appears a lot within the darker currents of the musical spectrum too.


The duo Pando has never disappointed me before. Their remarkable muSICKal approach is heavy to digest, but since I have an indestructible stomach, I do swallow all compositions with tasteful pleasure.

Voz De Nenhum

Et toi, divine Mort, où tout rentre et s’efface. Accueille tes enfants dans ton sein étoilé. Affranchis nous du temps, du nombre, et de l’espace. Et rends nous le repose que la vie a troublé. An introduction in French, taken from the album. A band from France, Switzerland or Wallonia? Nope.

Voz De Nenhum is the band’s name, and that’s Portuguese for ‘no one’s voice’. Okay, a band from Portugal then… Yet nope, not exactly either.


The story of this Flemish band started about a decade ago, when some experienced members of notorious bands like Omega Centauri, Kludde, Toorn, Ignifer or Trancelike Void joined forces. The aim was to create that kind of Doom-Death material that stands miles away from the more romantic and gothic oriented trend, i.e. with the goal to be rather funereal in approach.


First I have to make a confession. I did not know this band from Belarus. Seriously, I had not heard of Reido before. And you know, I am gonna make it up all right, because this release… Nope, first things first.

Starless Domain

I did not know this band before, but Stu from Aesthetic Death invited me to this trio’s universe beyond an ever-devouring black hole, and once again I have to thank him (so here it is: thank you, Stu!). Anthony ‘AW’ (guitars, drums, bouzouki, backing vocals and mix), Jon ‘JR’ (bass and lead vocals) and Ash ‘AEF’ (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and bouzouki) (1) did record a first official thing in 2018, called EOS.


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