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This was a nice batch – three releases in a row via Pest Records that involve Disinter. Yet then again, which one are we talking about? I think there at least seven or eight Death Metal bands with that name. Well, actually, on November 14th 2022, we had a new full-length by the Chicago-based Disinter, called Breaker Of Bones. A review will (probably) follow soon (or at least: sooner or later).


WarHymn is a very young band from Romanian soil (more specifically: from the capital city of Bucharest), which was formed in 2019 by Alin ‘Shavy’ Savlovschi. In very early 2020, WarHymn (still a solo-project) self-released the debut Gnosis; soon after it got re-released physically via Narcoleptica Productions.


You know, sometimes a totally new outfit does surprise as from the very first moment. Well, that’s exactly what I experienced with Greek duo Eldingar, a very young outfit that wrote, recorded and released the debut-album Maenads in very early Summer 2021. Stavros Lontos (guitars) and Andreas Simitzis (vocals) joined forces to pay tribute to the majestic Greek scene ‘of Old’.


Last year, more exactly on April 25th 2021, the extremely fine Romania-based label Loud Rage Music did release the album Inert & Unerring by Genune, a band hailing from the North of Romania. It was a release on jewel-case compact-disc, deeply appreciated by undersigned. Evidently, you could (and still can) find the digital edition via various sources as well.


The moniker ‘genune’ is often used in Romanian translation as ‘precipice’ or ‘abyss’ or so. But it is the name as well for a promising act from Romanian soil, formed about one decade ago. Throughout these past ten years, Genune did finish a limited yet quite great and interesting amount of stuff, i.e. the albums Cern Sol and Inert & Unerring. The latter is the content of this review, inspired by a novel of Arthur Koestler when it comes to the title of this album; not unimportant to understand the thematical approach.

Tableau Mort

One of the very few non-Romanian bands on Loud Rage Music is Tableau Mort from London, UK. Yet still there’s a link with Romania, for founding member and lead guitarist Christian Giurgiu was born in a city in the North-West of Romania. In 2018 and 2019, this sextet released some preview single tracks on their upcoming album, which has been finished in between Summer 2018 and early 2019.


A young but quite interesting label, born to promote the underground of the Extreme Metal scene, and to distribute releases from especially the local scene, is Romania-based Loud Rage Music. They have some interesting bands on their roster, with three hands full of acceptable releases (for several of them, I did write a review in the meantime, and there are a couple of them coming up soon). But I do really adore the fact that they try to promote their local, national scene too.

Katharos XIII

Loud Rage Music is a Metal label from Romania, which focuses on Romanian bands (Ashaena, Blutrina, Whispering Woods, Akral Necrosis, Ordinul Negru, The Wake and some more) especially, though not exclusively, for they did release some albums from non-Romanian acts too in the meantime (like Tragacanth and Grieving Mirth). For the better part I did write a review (enter the label’s moniker in ‘search’…).


Loud Rage Music is quite a ‘small’ label, but one I do foresee a future. They are sort of specialised in the heavier sides of Metal: Gothic / Doom, Death and Black Metal especially. I did write some reviews for them before, and there are some coming up soon as well (enter the label’s name in the ‘search’ option to find out).


Tragacanth are a young band from Holland, consisting of members involved with e.g. Thrash-act Chained Messiah and melodic Death Metal band Shade Of Hatred. But the band also includes Adrian Neagoe (here acting under the nickname OqPe Bune or OQ), who several amongst us do know from his involvement with (the likes of) Negura Bunget.


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