Album Title: 
Looney Fuckin’ Grind
Release Date: 
Friday, September 23, 2016
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Loud Rage Music is quite a ‘small’ label, but one I do foresee a future. They are sort of specialised in the heavier sides of Metal: Gothic / Doom, Death and Black Metal especially. I did write some reviews for them before, and there are some coming up soon as well (enter the label’s name in the ‘search’ option to find out).

This Romanian label also signed a Grind-band a while ago, being the frenzy quintet Blutrinǎ. These five weirdos (check it out: Malphas PissVocals, Urmuz ScrotStrings, Doktor Schnabel Der Pestartzt, Putrid Clismatronic and Lycan BassDefecator) recorded eighteen lullabies at the Consonance Studio (located in the city of Timisoara), assisted by sound engineers Cristian Popescu and Edmond Karban, known from e.g. Dordeduh, Negura Bunget or Sunset In The 12th House. I already mentioned ‘Grindcore’, but based on the artwork (the cover says it all – courtesy of Sebastian Stancu) there was no mistake, no doubt about that.

As the title might refer to, Looney Fuckin’ Grind is a tribute to the Looney Tunes animation movies, as well as cartoons like Family Guy or Cow And Chicken – you’ll notice while listening. The stuff grooves and rocks, it hammers and smashes, it rapes and devastates. Everything is based on the tradition of ugly and down-tuned Grind nastiness, not necessarily focusing on speed-up brutality (I’ve always said that Grindcore does not necessarily needs to be fast and furious, and here I am!), yet rather on the minimal essence of f*cked-up shit-f*cking-shit shittiness.

But hey, Blutrinǎ have a lot more to offer. Okay, the basics are traditional stuff from the putrefying ‘random’ scene: guttural grunts and pig-like screams, dirty rhythms and that stuff, you know. But this band adds so much more: elements from Punk and Funk (vocally, for example, this reappears more than once), reinterpretations of universal melodies (like I Know Something I Won’t Tell, splendid in its sordidity, or what about their version on 2 Unlimited’s No More Limit – just an orgiastic highlight), monumental variations in ‘melody’ (hehe, what a lapsus) and structure (changes in tempo), an unusual yet quite cool use of melodious structures (instead of just ass-raping nonsense), and then that grandiose meep-meep production quality. Seriously, the sound is so great and, despite a certain ‘clean’ undertone, truly able to focus on the global madness. I do also appreciate – but that is, once again, nothing less but a subjective interpretation of undersigned – the brotherhood with the Death Metal scene, for this band is more than ‘just another Grind-act’. Sub-scenes like Brutal Death Metal, Morbid Death Metal, Gore Death Metal and Grindeath (aka Grinding Death Metal) are fluently injected within this band’s sonic dirt, and it does fit for sure.