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Demonic Obedience

When the Greek Death Metal outfits Deceptive Incarnation and, following, The Deepest, were put to rest, Georg Davelas (Ntavelas) started a new outfit, Demonic Obedience (which can be considered the successor of The Deepest). In the meantime, FYI, Georg moved over to Scotland, and that’s where he recorded this newest album.


The Argentinian band Exterminio was rather ‘popular’ in their home country during the nineties, with inclusion of some well-acclaimed demo tapes. At the end of last century they did split up, but in 2006 they reformed. In 2007 Exterminio released their debut full length, Homicide In First Degree (via Hurling Metal Records), and in 2012 the second one, Inhuman Atrocities, via Icarus Music.

Horrific Disease

Yesterday we did (finally) update the review for the six-way split 6 Ways Of Hell, which was a collaboration done by Russia’s top-label Satanath Records at the one hand, and six bands / projects from the East of Asia at the other: Barzakh (Indonesia), Goresluts (Malaysia), Savage Deity (Thailand), Shadowmirth (Brunei), Suicidal (Singapore), and last but not least, Japanese duo Horrific Disease (Makoto Mizoguchi and Haruhisa Takahat


I have no idea what’s going on in Costa Rica, but lately we are almost (read: ‘almost’, with some relativation) overcrowded by bands and projects from out there – some of the better things I recently ‘met’, and which I did a review for recently / which I will do a review for very soon: Alastor Sanguinary Embryo, Insepulto, Paganus Doctrina, Ancient Spheres, Inhuman, …


I honestly cannot sum up more than five bands from Montenegro, but this act, Abhoth, hails from that former Yugoslavian country. They were formed somewhere in the middle of last decade, initially meant to be a studio-only project (and I think it will stay that way).

Progeria Buffet

Anthems For The Easily Offended is the first official recording for Austrian act Progeria Buffet, if I am not mistaken. Seen the band’s logo and the band’s moniker, I had an idea what kind of lullabies they would create. And then, if you see the lay-out (cover painting, drawings inside the booklet, and especially the body-like pictures), I’m even more sure.


Borow are a Russian act that was formed in 2007. Throughout the years, they recorded several pieces of gore and death, amongst which two self-released full lengths (in respectively 2008 and 2009). And in 2013 they worked on the third full length, which is called The Pnakotic Manuscript.


Burtul are a Saint Petersburg-based combo that now, after four years of existence, debut with their first full length, Bottom Astral, done via mighty Satanath Records. On this album, the band consisted of Ilya (b), Dima (g), Krom (g), S.D.I. (d), and Cherepan (v); Dima and S.D.I. left in mean time, by the way.

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