various artists: Russian Death Metal Vol. 4

Album Title: 
Russian Death Metal Vol. 4
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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A short review, this time. And yes, I know this compilation was released more than a year ago, in the meantime, but so what?...

This review deals with the fourth volume within Darknagar Records’ series that pays tribute to the huge, yet sometimes underestimated Death Metal scene from Russia. Seen the title, you smartass was aware of that, of course…

Once again, it compiles stuff from the many, differing faces of Death Metal, being Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Grinding Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Traditional Death Metal, Slamming Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Thrashing Death Metal and even deader deadlier Death Metal.

There’s modern stuff and there’s old schooled material, there are adventurous bands and traditional ones, there’s no-nonsense brutality and high-tech experimentation. Some take it serious, others hilarious. But in any case, every open-minded Death Metal adept will surely discover some interesting songs.

Several bands I did know before, some I had heard of before, yet not been able to listen at, and more than two hands full of the bands presented are new to me. And seen the fact that there are quite a couple of mostly interesting ones amongst them, I think this compilation series is nothing else but a recommendation for every single fan of dead deadly death-breathing f*ckin’ Death metal.

[I do not intent to give a score to a compilation]