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James Skelly & The Intenders

Whenever the front(wo)man of a well-known musical act goes about making a solo album, the outcome either resembles what that musician does with his/her main band, or (just as frequently) is an acoustic version of it... Not so with James Skelly of The Coral whom, with Love Undercover, comes along with a Soul and Rhythm 'n' Blues influenced album!


This band is composed of the married couple of Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina, and was started in 2010, after they had lived on the island of Papaikou (Hawaii) for a short period.

Earth Mk. II

Except for the info released through the label, not a lot is known about this Amsterdam based Neo-Psych band. Failing info sources, I don't even know who's in the band except for Hugo van de Poel, whom writes all his songs in the comfort of his home, records the songs (playing all instruments himself) with his best-friend-since-basic-school, Jacco Gardner, and then plays 'em live on stage with his band (of which I have found no info what-so-ever!).

Beans & Fatback

This band originated as a side-project of Raw Funk 'n' Soul Dutch act Lefties Soul Connection frontman Onno Smit (vocals & guitar) in 2008, when the latter came to this idea to record a solo album without having to spend too much money, by inviting befriended musicians to come and contribute to his recordings in exchange for a copious meal afterward.


Gore bloody hell! Sorry about that, but every once in a while I get confronted with having to review music which has barely anything to do with the guitar-based music which is usually promoted though this webzine!


Based in Maastricht (near Belgian border) in the South-East of Holland, Lesoir is a Dutch quartet consisting of singer/ pianist/ acoustic guitar player Maartje Meesen, (electric) guitarist Ingo Daasen, bassist Dachuan Lu and drummer Rubel Israel whom, on stage, are usually fortified by multi-instrumentalist (she plays guitar, keyboards and percussion) and backing singer Eleen Bartholomeus.


Stijn Meuris is perhaps best known for being the frontman of Belgian act Noordkaap, which existed from 1990 to the year 2000, leaving us 3 full-length albums (that 3rd one with an altered line-up after a hiatus) and two collaborations to movie soundtracks.

John Wheeler

Yoú may have heard of John Wheeler as being the founder and frontman of the internationally known American “Rockgrass” band Hayseed Dixie [formed in 2000 to promote an album of adapted acoustic versions of AC/DC songs, the band went on to record nine more albums until 2011, all produced by Wheeler whom, besides singing, also plays acoustic guitar and piano, writes most of the band's song material, and has produced material by many other artists] to me he was an unknown until I started looking into the info about him and lis


Following the release of Wonderful, Glorious's predecessor, 2010's Tomorrow Morning [which was the closing of the trilogy started with June 2009's released Hombre Lobo (the second part being January 2010's release of End Times) – see reviews by yours truly, of the chronologically latter albums, posted 24/02/ 2010 and 23/08/2010 respectively for more details], Eels as a band (mastermind Mark Oliver Everett alias E, plus guitarists The Chet and P-Boo, bassist Koool


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