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Thunder is one of these bands that seem to have been around since God knows when.  Despite existing for some 25 years, this is only their tenth studio album.  Of course there was a hiatus of some three years, since they split up in 2000, and reunited in 2002, and again disbanded in 2009, only to start playing together again in 2011.

Deep Purple

Ear Music has been reissuing some of  Deep Purple’s back catalogue, and this is the latest release in this series, a live recording dating back to 1971, recorded at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach – California, where they played as opener for Rod Stewart and The Faces.

Rick Springfield

While Rick Springfield  was born in Australia, and scored his first top ten hit there in 1972, he subsequently moved to the USA, and had a nr. 1 hit over there, as well as in Australia with ‘Jessie’s Girl’, for which he also received a Grammy award for best male rock vocal performance.  More top ten hits followed with ‘Affair Of The Heart’ and ‘Love Somebody’.  He also performed as an actor, playing Dr. Noah Drake on the daytime drame ‘General Hospital’. 

John Coffey

John Coffey is a wild, high energy Dutch Punk/Hardrock band with no edges! The first track of the album is "Eagle Chasing Flies" . A nice song with a sludge end! The single "Broke neck" swings like never before, you just can't sit still! On "Redrum" you can hear influences from some famous rockbands.

Suzanne Vega

“Oo-ooh, Suzanne Vega! Gee...Suzanne Vega?”...believe it or not, but those were the words goin' through my mind when I first found out I had to review this artist's first studio album in 7 years!


This Antwerp based band got together in 1992 but, unlike more the more Rock-geared acts of the town in that era (such as dEUS, A Beatband, and Moondog Junior...the latter later transforming into Zita Swoon), and somewhat in keeping with their band's name Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung proposed a slightly different filling of the evening, playing acoustic instrumentals for a kind of emotionally-laden Neo-Folk type of music.

Blue Grass Boogiemen

And now, for something completely different...nah, nót the Monty Python's Flying Circus show, but a return to Roots music, more specifically to the Bluegrass music of the Dutch quartet known as Blue Grass Boogiemen, who've actually been at it since 1990, toured both Europe and the US from corer to corner, and back again, and in the process became the “Dutch Ambassadors Of Bluegrass”!


This Marseille based French Groove/ Industrial Metal act was founded in the year 2000 by singer/ samples provider Shawter, out of a previous band which he'd started up in 1997, and to which drummer Franky Costanza (formerly also of Imperial and Outburst, since 2005 also part of the Black/ Industrial Metal band Blazing War Machine) and bassist Werther respectively joined in 1998 and 1999.

Andrew Wyatt

This New York City native began his career in music quite some time ago, bustin' his chops in bands of Joan Wasser, Black Beetle (which featured members of Jeff Buckley's band), and Michael Tighe's Post Punk Revival act The A.M....but at the moment he is certainly best known as the singer of duo Electronic Indie act Miike Snow and, more recently, through his collaboration with Mark Ronson (for the composition of the Royal Ballet Of London's Car


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