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Blood Red Shoes

Colleagues Erik and Tim having reviewed this Brighton based English Alternative Rock duo's second and third albums Fire Like This and In Time To Voices (reviews respectively posted 01/03/2010 and 26/03/2012 – both still available in this website's “Archive” section), I don't really see a reason to do a full history-of-the-band, but, if indeed you need one, then google the band's page at Wikipedia too keep yourself busy!


Stratovarius have been around for quite some time now, and this album ‘Nemesis’ is their fourteenth opus so far.  Who thought that this band would be finished, when Timo Tolkki left the band, ought to re-think his or her words? ‘Nemesis’ is an album that is bursting with energy, right from the opening track ‘Abandon’, which goes back to the all too familiar old Stratovarius sound. The second track goes in another direction, and sounds much more melodic, but despite a rather soft piano intro, contains some very heavy riffing.


Youth of today...they can be a weird lot: give 'em half a chance an they'll be putting down their parents' experiences down as negligible facts...but when music comes into play, some of the dudes will hark back to days of yore and identify with specific genres of “back when”! Which is quite alright, because you know, a funny thing about music, especially when we're talking “Rock” music, is that in due time certain sub-genres will come back for a while.

The Horse Company

This Dutch Alternative/ Indie Rock quartet (consisting of singers/ guitarists Arjen & Vincent Hilberdink, bassist Arjan Pronk, and drummer Jeroen Hobert) based in Zwolle (situated in the northern part of middle Holland, roughly between Amsterdam and Enschede) first let itself be heard on album with their self-titled debut, released in April of 2007.

Royal Parks

Anybody ever heard about a Dutch guitarist/ singer/ keyboardist/ songwriter/ producer by the name of Diederik Nomden? If you have, kudos for you. Here are perhaps some details about him you don't know yet!

Martha Wainwright

Born on May 8, 1976 as the daughter of Loudon Wainwright III (US Folk singer and actor) and Kate McGarrigle (Canadian Folk singer-songwriter), Martha Wainwright was raised into a musical family alongside her older brother Rufus Wainwright in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), and it was only a matter of time before she would put her own steps into the music business.

Daily Bread

Oh boy...has it really been 3 years since the release of this Leewarden based Dutch band's debut album Well, You're Not Invited (review by yours truly, posted 23/11/2009, is still available for your scrutiny and fact-finding needs in the “Archive” section of this here website)? Makes one wonder what took singer/ keyboardist Kimberly van der Velden, bassist Chris Mulder and drummer Stefan Stoer so long, doesn't it?

Clock Opera

Weird lot, this London based Indie/ Alternative Rock quartet, which was originally started in early 2009 as a solo project by singer/ guitarist/ sampler (and apparently also producer) Guy Connelly, formerly a member with the bands The Fallout Trust and The Corrections.

Charlie Jones' Big Band

Charlie Jones is apparently the alias of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium born all-round artist Jan Verstraeten. An alias under which he shows quite some versatility : he makes paintings, he sculptures, “installations” (as to whàt kind of installations, the info source I have is somewhat vague), and of course also music.


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