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Goatpsalm is one of the most important projects by Horth, who is, or was, in acts like Sickrites, Pestilentia or Moriturus. And I adore what this band does, I really do. Erset La Tari, for example, must be one of my mostly preferred releases in the glorious Black Ritual Ambient Noise scene – check out the review for that album, if wanted, posted on February 18th 2015 (FYI: it was also released via the great and open-minded UK-based label Aesthetic Death).

Fatum Elisum

One of the most impressive Doom labels is Aesthetic Death, home to the likes of Esoteric, Wreck Of The Hesperus, Mekigah, Walk Through Fire, The Nihilistic Front and many more. Another act that released a couple of albums via Aesthetic Death is called Fatum Elisum (FYI: they disbanded about a year ago, unfortunately). On January 30th 2015 we did upload a review for their self-called 2009-album.

Of Spire & Throne

Of Spire & Throne are a Sludge / Doom act from Edinburgh, Scotland, that released several EP’s before (and a split with Ortega, another fine band on their current roster, Aesthetic Death). With Sanctum In The Light, the trio releases its first full length CD.


Mekigah is an effusion of sounds emanating from a dark turbulent vortex… A beautiful blackened bastard child of diverse dark genres’... Does this introduction make you happy? Horny? Anxious? Scared? Or maybe all of them? In that case, I recommend you to read on!


A Gaze Blank And Pitiless As The Sun is the one and only full length recorded by defunct Danish formation Whelm. There was one single EP before (called The Prologue, 2006), and in 2010 the quartet registered their full album.

Esoteric (2)

Since I think that Esoteric are one of the most unique Doom bands on Mater Terra, I was enormously pleased to notice that some of their older releases have been put on vinyl, though being in limited editions only. This goes, for example, for Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum (those titles… J - oops, did I put a smiley right here???).

Esoteric (1)

Just like the magnificent debut album Epistemological Despondency and 2004’s Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum, Esoteric’s The Maniacal Vale (also reviewed in this section) gets released on vinyl by superior Doom-label Aesthetic Death. Eternal thanks and gratitude to label owner Stu for sending me this great material.

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