Cold Spring Records


My first conscious acquaintance with Swedish murder squad MZ.412 was through the Cold Meat Industry-release In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi, about twenty years ago. I was so overwhelmed, because back then I was not that trusted with the harsher Industrial / Noise scene (yet).

Tunnels Of Āh

Tunnels Of Āh are a project by Stephen Burroughs. His name might ring some bells for he was one of the guys behind the legendary band Head Of David. Under the moniker Tunnels Of Āh, Stephen released a first album in 2013, also via mighty Cold Spring Records, and now this guy returns with the sophomore full length, called Thus Avici.


I was totally blown away when I listened to the Khost debut album last year. Copper Lock Hell must have been one of the most impressive Industrial (and I know that’s quite a ‘large’ approach) releases in many years. Check out the review undersigned did for this high-quality recording, posted on November 17th 2014.

Iron Fist Of The Sun

In a series of quite some interesting, no, excuse me, impressive (!) Cold Spring Records-releases, I came along the Iron Fist Of The Sun-album We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps, a seven-tracker that lasts for forty five minutes.


Khost are a very young project from Birmingham, UK, formed in 2013 by Andy Swan (of Iroha / Final / Atrocity Exhibition-fame).


Skullflower are one of the outfits created by Matthew Bower, whom you might know from the likes of Pure, Total, Sunroof!, Voltigeurs etc. With the latter, he joins co-operation with Samantha Davies, who’s part of Skullflower’s line-up nowadays.


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