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Henrik Nordvargr Björkk & Margaux Renaudin

Henrik ‘Nordvargr’ Björkk is quite a busy musician, especially within the worlds of Industrial / Ambient / Drone / Noise. I can sum up quite an impressive list of projects he is, or was, involved with, but that would not exactly create a surplus. I’ll just mention some of the best known: MZ.412, Folkstorm, Toroidh, Körperwelten, All Hail The Transcending Ghost, Pouppée Fabrikk, Nordvargr / Drakh, amongst many others (for some of them I did write a chronicle in the past, in case you’re interested).

Sutcliffe Jügend

Let’s start with an open question: is it possible to seek for, and find, some symbiosis of melodious beauty and chaotic harshness? Can Power-Electronics and semi-divinity result in acceptable structures? Let’s find out…

Common Eider, King Eider

Art in its most virginal definition compiles more than lyrical, aural or visual creation. It’s the totality of artistic aspects that characterizes the deep essence of Art. When open-minded experimentalists join forces, the result can be quite global. Such an example is Common Eider, King Eider, an American collective that creates music especially, but books too, for example.


Stefan Weisser, the human being behind Z’EV, began performing music when he was still a little child. He got his first drum set when he was just six years of age. In mean time he grew up to a conceptual artist, dancer, poet, composer and musician. In 1997 he moved over from California to the city of New York, and then he started acting under the Z’EV-moniker. During the first half of the eighties, he did release some works under that name, and then Z’EV went silent for a decade.


When Maëror Tri decided to split up almost two decades ago (and still my tears haven’t completely gone yet), two of the members, Stefan and Martin (aka Baraka[H] and Glit[s]ch), decided to continue their collaboration under the moniker of Troum. ‘troum’ is an old-Germanic word for ‘dream’ (Traum in modern German), and they did choose this moniker specifically to focus on the experiences of the past, knowing that there will never be a return.


Hailing from Leicestershire, Colossloth were formed a decade ago. It took three years before… No, actually, it has always taken several years in between each recording, and now we’re counting back to 2012, when Butterflies Are Witches was released. But don’t worry, because Cold Spring Records are now to release the newest Colossloth-album, entitled Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth.


Solo-project by Sergiy Fjordsson, one of the most productive projects on Mater Terra. I did write several reviews before, so check the site for more info. Not this time, just fast forward to the aural side of this Ukraine-based outfit.


Kerovnian was a solo-project by the Croatian guy Vladimir ‘Vlad K.’ Krytiuja, whom you might know from Ashes You Leave (before they turned sort of mainstream). Actually, he started this project in 1996 in order to support some poetry evenings the aural way narrated by his friend Herr Skoko Georges Angelovsky.


Danish artist Emil Brahe started the solo-outlet Sol after the split of Forbandet, and he has been quite productive under this moniker. For the second time now, he releases an album under protection of the black wings of UK-based Cold Spring Records.


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