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The Poodles

If you’re into glam rock, then this album must sound like sheer heaven to you.  It’s crammed full of ballsy, energetic and also quite catchy songs from start to finish.

Not only are the songs great in itself, but the performance these musicians deliver us is also outstanding.  And don’t forget Jakob Samuelsson, the vocalist.  At first you think he has a rather high pitched voice, but as a matter of fact he has a rather wide vocal range.

Electric Light Orchestra

This album was originally released in 2001, but was very hard to find for the last years.  Frontiers now have had the tracks remastered, and re-released this album with as a bonus two extra tracks.  As a matter of fact the line-up for this release, besides Jeff Lynne consisted of only one other ex ELO member, Richard Tandy.

Burning Rain

Frontiers Records are releasing the new Burning Rain album, and at the same time have re-released the two previous albums of this band, formed by Doug Aldrich

Burning Rain

This is – finally – the third album by Burning Rain. By saying finally, I mean that Doug Aldrich had so many obligations for Whitesnake, he never found the time to start writing and recording this record, despite the deal being closed years ago.

Burning Rain

Frontiers Records has released the new album of this band, and has in the same time re-released their 1999 debut albut and it’s 2011 follow up album ‘Pleasure To Burn’, who were originally released on Z Records, and have since a long time been out of print. Center piece of this band was of course guitarist Doug Aldritch, who later shot to fame with Dio and has been part of Whitesnake for the past ten years or so.

Pretty Maids

Pretty Maids have been around for some thirty odd years now, I still remember their first album ‘Red, Hot and Heavy’ from way back in 1984, hey, I’ve recently even bought a copy of this album on CD.

And this new opus ‘Motherland’ once again shows what a great band they are.  It’s heavy metal that should be revered.  The songs are tight, not overcomplicated, but do just what good music should do to you, and that is bringing a smile on your face.  The songs are very catchy, and after hearing them once or twice you can almost start to sing along.


Stryper  reunited in 2005, and haven’t released that many albums since their reunion.  This album ‘Second coming’ also cannot really be called a new release, since it contains only two new tracks and 14 old songs, that have been re-recorded. 

Jeff Lynne

Jeff Lynne is best known for his work with Electric Light Orchestra, shortened ELO.  But he has also done some solo work, and this is where ‘Armchair Theatre’ comes from.  This Frontiers release actually is a re-release of an album that has been out of print for a decade or so.  Frontiers have added two previously unreleased tracks however.


The first W.E.T. album, released in 2009, was critically acclaimed.  For a ‘band’ that had been created by a record label to create such a stir was quite sensational.  Of course the musicians involved had all proven themselves previously.

Now the world is ready to receive the next installment.  And just like the first album, it’s sensational.  It’s in the same vein as it’s predecessor, so fans of melodic rock don’t need to hesitate for a moment and can blindly buy this album.


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