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House Of Lords

Most of House Of Lords albums are good, if not very good. And this new album is no exception on that rule. Of course it brings us nothing new, since the band, or their mastermind James Christian stick to the same recipe. 

Primal Fear

15 years on the road, and still going strong, that’s what sums up the career of Primal Fear.  So far they’ve released 9 studio albums, two live albums, and a ‘Best Of’.


If you ask me, Heart was at their height in the late 80ies, early nineties, when they got massive radio airplay, not only stateside, but even in Europe.  They scored massive hits at that time,like ‘Alone’, ‘These Dreams’ and other songs.

The Poodles

This DVD was captured during the bands 2009 tour, and not only gives us some caption of their live shows, but also some behind the scenes moments of the band members, where you get to know more of the private interests of each member.

There are twelve songs in total on this disk, including some of their best tracks like ‘Caroline’, ‘Metal Will stand Tall’, ‘Echoes Of The Past’, ‘I Rule The Night’. If you’re into glam, and want to enjoy some quality time before your TV, this DVD should do the trick.


Red Dragon Cartel

I put this CD on without reading the accompanying info.  And my first impression was :am I listening to some Ozzy Osbourne tribute band, or a band that’s trying to clone his sound ?  So I started reading the info, and it soon became clear to me as to the why and how of this sound.

Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire, featuring former Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Mark Boals is back with a new album after a hiatus of 9 years.  As a matter of fact this is the band’s fourth studio album. As the title might suggest, the album tries to tell the story of the siege of Leningrad during the second world war, a siege that started in September 1941, and only ended in January 1994, and costed thousands of lives on both sides.

Royal Hunt

This is the 12th release for this Danish band, and DC Cooper  is once again the vocalist, which is of course good news, since it’s with him that they released two very good albums in at the end of the nineties, which put this band more on the forefront.

Royal Hunt

"A Life To Die For" is the 12the Royal Hunt studio album. The Danish band joined forces with former lead singer DC Cooper, Andre Andersen (keyboard), Allan Sorensen (drums), Andreas Passmark (bass) AndJonas Larsen (guitar).


Life, Love & Hope is the sixth studio Album by American rock band Boston. It is their first studio album in eleven years after the death of lead vocalist Brad Delp. The album includes volcals from Brad Delp and Tommy Decarlo, as well as Kimberley Dahme, David Victor, and songwriter Scholz himself.

Def Leppard

For those of you who don’t know the record “Hysteria” it’s time you discover one of the best gems that came from the 80’s. Every song on this album could have been released as a single. Now you have the chance to witness the Music in it’s purest sense, “Def Leppard” did the effort to play the entire album live on their visit to the city of sin, Las Vegas. Not only did they play the album from front to back but it also was recorded to be released as a full blown high definition Bluray/DVD/2CD  release.


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