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Reo Speedwagon

Legendary American rock band during the 80s and of return after years participated to diverse festivals and tours, Reo Speedwagon returns to us with a new live cd . All best of the band for all the oldschool fans. Lots of classic rock song and of course beautiful classic rock ballads such as the " keep one loving you " or " I can' t fight this feeling ", everything is there for all Reo Speedwagon oldschool fans.


Def Leppard

Def Leppard who for me, is the best Hard Rock English band of of all times returns to us with a live record which takes us in a universe of the years of glory of the band with all their  past hits until now. Everything is there, a best of with a great sound and a band which lost nothing of its scenic energy giving to his fans all that he needs and that’s “pure rock n roll”. A must for all Def Leppard fans!


Benedictum formed in 2005 is an American Heavy Metal band from san diego with a powerful female singer whose voice is very heavy  and reminds me a mixture between Midnight r.i.p. ( Crimson Glory) and Rob Halford. Their fifth album " Obey " has all that it is necessary of a good heavy metal record.


Angelica Rylin is a Swedish female musician known by her band " Murder of my sweet " whose music and the words she writes. Her debut Solo album "angelica" is a good hard rock record which makes me remind to the bands of the 80s such as Vixen or still to Lita Ford and Pat Benatar. Thus a good dose of Hard rock and without forgetting typical rock ballad " Can' t stop the love " or " Losers in paradise ". An album without too much surprises but which deserves a listening.

Ted Nugent

More than 30 million sold albums and thousands of concerts, the virtuoso and eccentric Ted Nugent returns to us with a live record of thunder. Ultralive Ballisticrock  has all that it is necessary. Rock n roll attitude with all the best of the best of the 70s until now. As usual, a perfect sound and energetic solos, jokes between songs , well a beautiful live compilation for all the fans of Mister Nugent.


Beginning this year Christian rockers Stryper signed a deal with Frontiers Records which resulted already in the release of ‘Second Coming’, an album with fourteen classic songs re-recorded plus two new songs. Now with ‘No More Hell To Pay’ they present a brand new original studio album and again with the original line-up of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), Tim Gaines (bass), and Robert Sweet (drums).

Place Vendome

Since a few years Michael Kiske decided to switch his interest from the metal scene to be part of the melodic rock scene. That resulted in two band projects so far, Unisonic, and Place Vendome. Now with the latter he released his third album, ‘Thunder In The Distance’.

Seventh Key

Together with Streets bandmate Mike Slamer, Kansas bass player Billy Greer formed Seventh Key in 2001. They released two critically acclaimed albums, the self-titled debut in 2001 and ‘The Raging Fire’ in 2004, followed by the live cd/dvd ‘Live In Atlanta’ in 2005. Now 8 years later they finally released the long awaited follow up and it’s again a fine piece of work. Musically however there are no big surprises.


Line Up  : Michael Sweet – Lead Vocal / Lead Guitar

                 Robert Sweet – Drums and Visual Timekeeping

                 Timothy Gaines – Bass / Vocals

                 Oz Fox – Lead Guitar / Vocals


Classic metal is indestructible, and Stryper proves that with their new album ‘No More Hell To Pay’.

King Kobra

King Kobra was a band that was formed in the eighties by Carmine Appice.  Other band members at that time were Mark Free on vocals, David-Michael Philips and Mick Sweda on guitars and  finally Johnny Rod on bass.


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