Noctivagant Collective


Julien Lacroix is the person behind the magisterial project Moloch Conspiracy, for which I did write several reviews in the (recent) past. This French guy is also active under several other monikers. Recently, for example, he did create and release a rather vampire-themed thing as Oupyr (probably I will write a review on this recording soon).

The Serpent

For those who congregate in darkness…

Hailing from Greece, The Serpent is a project that perfectly fits to the roster of New Mexico’s Noctivagant Collective, known for its mystic, occult and mythological themes. I haven’t received, nor found, any additional information about this project, but I will delve deeper into the matter soon (though, that’s a personal thing). Now, time to focus on Ascending Duat, a four-track recording and The Serpent’s debut for Noctivagant Collective.

Corona Barathri & Emme Ya

This release is a split in between two projects that wander within the darkest netherworlds of occultism. The material gets released both digitally as on compact disc, be it in three different - and strongly limited, so hurry - editions. One of them even includes a t-shirt!

Corona Barathri & Emme Ya

Since a couple of years, I am the sole reviewer for Concreteweb. No further comment on the reasons, especially after the passing away of my great friend - and devoted Music-fan - Dirk, who started this webzine at the end of last century. Some left because of personal issues, some because of emotional connections, and several were just assholes, dickheads, selfish and stupid humans. Homo f*cking sapiens indeed, way too important to get no physical stuff anymore, yet just digital – aaargh, don’t let me start about those f*****…

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