Ungoliantha is an old (formed almost two decades ago) yet un-productive band around Lord Sinned (bass and vocals) from Ukraine, and with some colleagues )guitar player V. Karavaev, drummer Kim and synth wizard Igor Vershinin), he recorded this first album (which includes pretty old material) in between Autumn 2011 and Autumn 2012.


In essence, ‘we’ at are a Rock-‘n’-Metal based webzine particularly. But there is a difference in between ‘we’ (that’s why I did notify it in my former phrase in italic) and ‘ME’ (there is a [subjective yet evident] reason to have this in capital letters; but that’s another story dealing with my eternal modesty and superiority), for the ‘me’ also tries to focus on other genres. There are several reasons, but I will not go too deeply into the subject.

Horror Of Naatu

A quick one: Horror Of Naatu are a Polish project, consisting of vocalist / guitar player / bassist / lyricist and composer Hunger and drummer August, both active in Stillborn. With No Hope For No One they bring a handful of own songs and a Cannibal Corpse cover, which was recorded in early 2014 at the Roslyn Studio (I do remember this name from Hell United’s album Aura Damage).


Jacob Lizotte is a very young guy who recorded some Metalcore-alike material in early 2015. But he’s the guy behind the new project Feign too, and that has nothing to do at all with that infantile sonic sickness called ‘Metalcore’. Haha…


Orion, at least this one, are a band from Mumbai, India, that did release a demo in 2010 (Reverie Hours) and an EP in 2012. That EP, called On The Banks Of Rubicon, is getting a new life, once again caused by the helpful assistance of Kunal, the truly devoted guy behind the Transcending Obscurity-offices. For sure he is the guy we, in Europe, do need in order to cross the border amidst our scene and the one from India; the latter being strongly unknown and, more than once, totally underestimated.


Edenkaiser are a pretty young band from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, formed at the very end of last decade by guitarist Häwkmoon. I only knew the band from their collaboration of the Vomitory tribute-album Rebirth Of The Grotesque, on which they appeared with the cover track Inferno.

Gut Scrapers

Gut Scrapers, a band that hails from Nimes, France. This five membered band delivers an energetic Rock'n roll that can best be compared to other bands such as: Ac/Dc, Aerosmith as well as artists such as Slash. These French rockers who are at it for some time do love to keep a low profile as the have a very limited English biography, but a very long French one.


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