Adult Scum

Album Title: 
Hypnotised By Children To Kill Their Parents
Release Date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2021
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Violence makes me feel comfortable…


MWD is the moniker of a multi-disciplinary artist, active within both the visual and the sonic hemispheres of mARTer Terra. Since a couple of months, he’s closely in touch with Polish label Gates Of Hypnos, a very open-minded (Noise) label run by Sadox, who also is the (sympathetic) guy behind Sado Rituals (and part of the Crepuscular Rituals project too). MWD is (was) active as Survivalist, Regiment VX or Sisters Memon, amongst others, and recently he started another happy outfit, Adult Scum. We all are adult scum, that’s a certainty, but this specific project goes deeper into the matter of our sick brain.


As Adult Scum, MWD recorded a new album under the working title Hypnotised By Children To Kill Their Parents, a kind of tribute to the girl Aneska who wanted to kill her siblings and, probably, her parents as well. It’s a theme, that corrupted childhood, that reappears within the mastermind’s brain a couple of times (and more general: the sickness of man’s existence, of the human kind’s aim for terroristic and sadistic pleasures).

This debut gets digitally released via Gates Of Hypnos, and it comes with truly stunning cover artwork: a beautiful young girl with, eh, specific eyes (she might be Aneska), which refers to the morbid thoughts floating around in the murderer’s head. Hypnotised By Children To Kill Their Parents consists of seventeen titles (I was about to write ‘seventeen songs’, but ‘songs’ have nothing to do with this sonic expression), and it clocks about fifty-five minutes. …almost one hour of moral devastation and psychological warfare, audible terror and horrific noises…

The album starts quite ironic: a baby’s lullaby, a sweet excerpt of tranquilizing music, used to have babies falling asleep. But don’t be fooled, for this intro exists / gets used to confuse the listener; the baby won’t sleep, so you better watch your back. More irony and sarcasm, as well as terror and frenzy, can be find behind the manic / maniacal song-titles’ choice: Shit Stained Daddy Corpse, Every Good Girl Deserves To Murder, Let’s Cut Your Mommy’s Cunt Open, Child Assassin’s Armed With Needles, She Fucks Her Parents With Knifes, Training Young Minds To Commit Murder; it’s just a selection out of seventeen poetic chapters.

Well, actually this album brings several pieces of nihilistic, harsh and minimal Noise (general description to open the discussion; more in-depth details will follow soon), consisting of several repetitive yet permanently evolving aural lines, and regularly injected with different (vocal) samples and additional sounds. The fundamental is based on timeless Death Industrial insanity with frenzy loops, brutal outbursts, repetitive noises, harsh electronics, and raw mechanics. And you know, there is a huge dose of variety in between the different elegies, for each single piece has a unique finesse that differs from all others. The use of (vocal) samples, for example, shows that diversified approach. Not all tracks come with samples; some have one that permanently repeats itself, some have a more extended vocal sampling, and some have none. But the core of every single title too differs. Poisoned By Your Own Children, Urging All Children To Kill Their Parents or Knife Nursery, for example, are long-formed and repetitive yet highly hypnagogic lullabies. Piss On Your Nanny’s Corpse too has a repetitive and mesmerizing character, yet must be defined as a crushing Rhythmic Noise piss, eh, piece. Minimal Noise Wall grandeur with a magnificent intoxicative atmosphere can be found in for example She Fucks Her Parents With Knifes or School Sock Strangulation, while Slice Open The Throat Of Your Teacher, then again, finds inspiration within the industrialized roots of Power-Electronics. Some chapters are monotonous and therefor often hypnotising in essence; others are rather experimental and eccentric; a handful compositions are richly-textured and decadent in structure, existing ironically and intolerantly in contrast with a couple of titles that are developed on primal, minimalistic sound-collages; and so on, and so on. Another intelligent contrast is the duration of the compositions. Most of them are rather short, clocking two-three minutes or so; all with their own identity. Two others, however, are pretty lengthy, and at the same time these two do have the opportunity to show a wider range of influences, elements, approaches, textures and atmospheres at once. The obscure, down-earthed hymn Stab Your Siblings (clocking well-nigh nine minutes) and the highly experimental final track, Let’s Cut Your Mummy’s Cunt Open (about six minutes of length), do have many aspects and elements to reveal (not unlogic, seen the duration at the one hand, and the creator’s ability to experiment with sound collages at the other).

Anyway, Hypnotised By Children To Kill Their Parents collects a wide range of Noise-influenced genres, from Rhythmic Noise to HNW, from Experimental to Death Industrial, from Noisy over Noisier to Noisiest as well. The recording is not an easy-listening happening but the mentally-twisted result might give sadistic sonic pleasure...