Angelus Apatrida

Album Title: 
Evil unleashed / Give em ware
Release Date: 
Friday, November 8, 2013
Review Type: 

Good to know,  “Evil unleashed  / give’ em war” is a  rerelease  of the first 2  albums of this Spanish band,   the info sheet tells me that we’re talking thrash, but  in my opinion Angelus Apatrida  are just as  much a power metal band as they are  thrash.   This  review also only refers to  “Evil unleashed”  for the simple  reason that  that’s  all the promo package proved to me contained….   Anyway Angelus Apatrida    come as a nice surprise to me as  even today  good quality  metal bands from Spain are  a rare breed. Angelus Apatrida  obviously  know there classics,  as all throughout  the album  one can  here  influences ranging from  Mid career Metallica, Megadeth  and any decent metal band  from the  80 and early nineties out there    ( “Ouverture the Dictate  versus Megadeth’s sweating bullets anyone ?)  and  no doubt the young  more melodic  Phil  Anselmo  (think  Power metal and Cowboy’s from hell)  has been an influence on the vocal style from  Guillemo Izquierdo ,  (more obvious on tracks as  “Backbone crusher & Gone away” ).   Overall,  this album  stands  for solid riffing,   great leads ,  good vocals  and  guarantees a trip  down metal memory lane,  whilst  trying to guess they  were you heard this before…  Still   it’s better to be a good copy then a lousy original…..  Angelus Apatrida are the first…..