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Since 2008, a Columbus based musician known only as Cloudkicker has been releasing instrumental Post-Rock/ Prog Rock-Metal material (2008's The Discovery and The Map Is Not The Territory; 2009's Portmanteau; 2010's Beacons and ]]][[[; 2011's Let Yourself Be Huge and Loop; 2012's Fade, and 2013's Subsume – some of which were EP's, others full-lengths) which he made available for free download through the internet.

The Agonist

The remaining band members of The Agonist seem a bit lost without Alissa White-Gluz. At least that's what I thought when I heard their new album The Eye Of Providence for the first time. I have to admit, there are some interesting riffs on the new album, the pounding drums are fine as well and the new singer Vicky Psarakis definitely knows how to cast her magic spell on you with her brilliant voice. But somehow it's not only the vocals that have changed.. It seems as if the whole line up is different on this record.


This album is available in two formats, on is an EP CD, containing five tracks, the other one is a 10 track full CD..  On the EP are 5 unreleased songs, of which three are covers (‘Defenders Of Creation’ by Warrior, ‘A World Without Heroes’ by Kiss and finally ‘Out In The Cold’ by Judas Priest.  The longer version contains some special mixed versions as well as 2 additional cover songs.


Thanatos from Holland can be considered as one of the first wave of European Thrash bands as their history goes back as far as the mid eighties... GLOBAL  PURIFICATION  is the 6 th full length release since.


Led by frontman, songwriter and guitarist Jeff Lohrber, Enabler stands as one of the most honest, pissed off and heartfelt hardcore bands around today (or so they proclaim). The band's sound is based on a mixture of thrash, death metal, punk rock and hardcore. Several full-length albums, three EPs and multiple split and compilation appearances and many more have been released on various labels since then. And now the band is back with something new witch I actually like.


I’ve got bad and good news. The good news: here is a new Nachtmystium-album! The bad news: it will be Nachtmystium’s final release. Apparently Blake ‘Azentrius’ Judd has some problems with law (theft, rip-off stuff, and contract issues with Century Media), forcing him to bury this band. This swansong sort of is the ideal, ultimate closure for a great era. Thanks anyway, Blake, for having mankind suffered by your aural bleakness, and f*ck you for ripping off people!

Hang the Bastard

This London based outfit seems to be pretty fast rising stars on the firmament of Doom stoner Sludge metal .  “Sex  in the seventh circle” is the second full length of this quartet and the first one on century media .  As  we all know, SEX sells..  However does it also sell if packed in a  47.30 minutes slab of thundering riffs pounding drums and  vile gnarls  aka “ vocals” ?  The answer is  yes it does …   Right  form opener  “Keeping Vigil,   HTB grabs you by the  balls only  to let go after 10 other deadly slabs of doom metal heaviness .  If  band like

Entombed AD

Allright, first of all if the  name  Entombed  does not ring a bell  then  you should ask yourself where you  have been the last 24 years…. as there is no denying that these Swedes  may  be added to the handful of bands  which will always serve as a reference when the work of newer bands in the same genre – this being Deathmetal or death’nroll  if you like-  needs to be reviewed by a poor hobby writer as myself. Just to say that when there epic debut album “left hand path”  saw the light of day  back in 1990?


Having been disbanded in 1992, having lost their record deal and also the support from radio stations, MTV, and God knows who else, Sacntuary announced they would be reuniting in the original line up, save for guitarist Sean Blosi and would be playing on some metal festivals in Europe and the US.

The Dagger

Line Up :

Jani Kataja – Vocals

David Blomqvist – Guitars

Tobias Christiansson – Bass

Fred Estby – Drums

I have been having an affair with Scandinavian rock for a number of years now, so I was quick to stick my hand up to review the debut self-titled album by Swedish band ‘The Dagger.’ There is a hell of a lot of bands at the moment that are mining that ‘classic’ metal sound from the seventies and early eighties, ‘The Dagger’ prove that it’s not a bad thing.


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