Album Title: 
The Year The Sun Died
Release Date: 
Monday, October 6, 2014
Review Type: 

Having been disbanded in 1992, having lost their record deal and also the support from radio stations, MTV, and God knows who else, Sacntuary announced they would be reuniting in the original line up, save for guitarist Sean Blosi and would be playing on some metal festivals in Europe and the US.

Finally in 2014, they entered Soundhouse Studios, and, almost 25 years after their beginnings, brought us this new record.  I must admit I have not heard any of the older work of this band, who I have seemingly not noticed at that time.

So I started listening as a complete novice to his album, and was pleasantly surprised.  A comparison that immediately sprang to my mind was Circle II Circle, although Sanctuary’s music has a little bit more trash in it than that of aforementioned band. I found this a very good album, with good songs that instantly nestle in your ears agreeable to listen to, and to be honest I couldn’t pick out one weak song.  A definite must buy!