Album Title: 
Global Purification
Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
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Thanatos from Holland can be considered as one of the first wave of European Thrash bands as their history goes back as far as the mid eighties... GLOBAL  PURIFICATION  is the 6 th full length release since. Reason why only 6, has to be found in foremost  bad luck with the  records labels the band got involved with.  Knowing  all this it’s no wonder that GLOBAL PURIFICATION  has all the elements on display which are must haves for  a  nowadays thrash band with roots firmly planted in the eighties .  Nowadays I say because from opener GLOBAL PUTIFICATION it’s obvious that the band has not been afraid to add extreme(r) metal elements to their sound like blast beats and vocalist /guitar player  Stephan Gebedy has always had a vocal style leaning close to  a  grunt. At the same time there is no denying that bands like SLAYER -INFESTATION OF THE SOUL to name one track still has an influence on the sound of THANATOS. Last but not least  with band members  having prominent roles in  bands such as HAIL OF BULLETS,ASPHYX and MELECHESH  one can rest assured that  what ‘s on offer are 10 ( 11 if you have the limited digipack) well executed slabs of THRASH/DEATH.