Entombed AD

Album Title: 
Back to The Front
Release Date: 
Monday, August 4, 2014
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Allright, first of all if the  name  Entombed  does not ring a bell  then  you should ask yourself where you  have been the last 24 years…. as there is no denying that these Swedes  may  be added to the handful of bands  which will always serve as a reference when the work of newer bands in the same genre – this being Deathmetal or death’nroll  if you like-  needs to be reviewed by a poor hobby writer as myself. Just to say that when there epic debut album “left hand path”  saw the light of day  back in 1990? it caused quiet a stir in the Metal community…  Not only for the songs but just as important for the wall of sound  production of low tuned guitars  that came with it.  Now in 2014 with  “AD” added to the Entombed Back at the front’  the bands first full length release since  2007 “ Serpent  Saints”  it seems the band thought it was time  to let us know that they are still around . Albeit with a line up change  and sort off  name change to avoid legal hassle with ex members. ….. 

Was it worth the weight you ask?  Hell , for sure, would  be answer.. Ofcourse  the days of “ Left hand  path”, Clandestine”,  To ride , shoor straight.;..”  are long behind us , but rest assure, “back to the front”  still delivers the goods.   Opener  “Kill to live”  is a  grove thrash monster that gets me going   and tracks like “second to none”  "Bait and bleed”  or ” Waiting for death” are   death metal stompers straight from the old school of Swedish  death Metal  a school of which these guy’s must be the honorary teachers…… Just  to say  Entombed with or without AD,  still outdo most of the younger bands  in the same genre……