Album Title: 
LA Connection
Release Date: 
Friday, July 18, 2014
Review Type: 

Formed in 2000 by guitarist/Keyboardist Frédéric Slama, AOR has since constantly been releasing record upon record, always featuring some of the greatest names in the rock industry,  and almost always with L.A; somewhere in the title of the album. This new album, number 13 so far,   is no exception to that rule.  I’ll only name a few of the contributors : Bill Champlin (Chicago), Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Alice Cooper) and the list goes on. Sadly enough this album does not give me a whaow feeling.  The songs are not bad,  but what I’m lacking is a (big) bit of a kick.  These songs meander along, and if it wasn’t for the different lyrics and singers, it seems each and every song resembles the others.

To sum it up: the ingredients might be excellent, it lacks something to tickle my taste-buds, is all way too bland, and urgently needs some spices.