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Rob Moratti

Rob Moratti started his career in the nineties as lead vocalist and songwriter of the band Moratti.  Around the millennium he teamed up with songwriet Mladen and they formed Final Frontier.  In 2008 he became the singer in famous Canadian rockband Saga.

Being a fan of Journey himself, he decided it was time to bring a tribute to them, so he recorded these 12 songs. Among them some of my all time Journey favorites like ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ or ‘Anyway You Want It.


Talon is an American band, born from the ashes of Voxen, a band I personally hadn’t heard of, yet they seemed to have scored some success with their releae ‘Sacrifice’, an album that included a track that was used in the motion picture ‘Outbreak’, a movie that starred Dustin Hoffman.  The band was formed in 2002, and this is their fifth release so far.

China Sky

25 years ago, a band from Jacksonville – Florida released their debut album, an album that was highly praised, and whose first single was immediately picked up by some radio stations over the US and Canada.

Sad, but true, the story of this band that could have become big, soon ended.  Some of the members staid in the music business, like their guitarist Bobby Ingram, who joined Molly Hatchet, and singer Ron Perry, who recorded and toured with his band The Ron Perry Connection.

House of X

House of X features Danny Peyronel (ex UFO) on vocals, Laurence Archer (Grand Slam, Phil Lynott) on guitars and backing vocals, Clive Edwards (Wild Horses) on drums and finally Rocky Newton (Lionheart, ex MSG) on bass.  While they already have extensively been touring over the last two years, with a setlist containing lots of UFO covers, they have also been busy writing own material, which


Seven is a band that has it’s roots in the late eighties, and who got signed by Polydor, releasing two singles on that label. Not having a contract for a full album, and being dropped by the label, the band finally broke up. 


Formed in 2000 by guitarist/Keyboardist Frédéric Slama, AOR has since constantly been releasing record upon record, always featuring some of the greatest names in the rock industry,  and almost always with L.A; somewhere in the title of the album. This new album, number 13 so far,   is no exception to that rule.  I’ll only name a few of the contributors : Bill Champlin (Chicago), Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Alice Cooper) and the list goes on.


Diesel are a brand new British band, despite the fact that the founding members have already earned their trademarks in the rock music business.  The band consists of Robert Hart on vocals (Bad Company/ Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), Jim Kirkpatrick on guitars, percussion, backing vocals and finally additional keyboards (FM) as backbone assisted by Jimmy Copley on drums, and finally Pat Davey on bass.

Morning Dwell

Morning Dwell is a young power Metal band from Sweden.  As a matter of fact this started as a one man project by Petter Hjerpe who started writng some music, and was later on joined by some friends. I 2003 he came for the first time with the name Morning Dwell for a project, as a matter of fact  a demo that contained five songs. In 2013 he re-recorded some of his ten year old songs, added some new ones, and made a new demo.

Linda & The Punch

This is the debut album from this young English band. And a fine album it has become.

Production of the album was done by Michael Voss, which is always a good sign and immediately gives you a hint that you”re going to listen to some quality music.  The song contributors are also well versed in the business, among others Steve McEwan (Foreigner, Roger Daltrey, Robbie Williams) but also Tommy Denander and Herman Rarebell have written songs for this album.


From Central Florida comes a powerhouse band in the metal world from a familiar presence. Guitarist Shane French, is prepared to unleash his new project along with guitarist / vocalist Morrie Vozdeck. The called themselves “Voz”. Joining Morrie and Shane is drummer John Teer.


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