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Monday, March 23, 2015
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Talon is an American band, born from the ashes of Voxen, a band I personally hadn’t heard of, yet they seemed to have scored some success with their releae ‘Sacrifice’, an album that included a track that was used in the motion picture ‘Outbreak’, a movie that starred Dustin Hoffman.  The band was formed in 2002, and this is their fifth release so far.

What these guys bring us is melodic rock. It is not overly complicated music, but it’s catchy.  Some songs sound as if they come from the eighties (think  Poison, some Motley Crüe maybe).  This album also marks the return of Michael O’Mara, the singer they debuted with, on vocals. Like I said before, the album is not too complicated, but the songs are all good, some better than the others. My favourite songs are ‘Holly Would’ and ‘Set Me Free’. My east favourite track is the opening song ‘Spun’, and the reason is that is almost seams as if this song was destined for another band and another album.  It’s more pop than rock.  That being said, over all,  I think this is their best album so far.