Album Title: 
Into The Fire
Release Date: 
Friday, May 23, 2014
Review Type: 

Diesel are a brand new British band, despite the fact that the founding members have already earned their trademarks in the rock music business.  The band consists of Robert Hart on vocals (Bad Company/ Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), Jim Kirkpatrick on guitars, percussion, backing vocals and finally additional keyboards (FM) as backbone assisted by Jimmy Copley on drums, and finally Pat Davey on bass.

Basically you can describe their music as traditional rock – more or less Bad Company style – so a mix of hard rock with blues elements mixed in between (so very British no…). They got the aid of Adam Wakeman and also from Steve Overland (backing vocals), but even without these two fantastic musicians I think this album had enough quality to become a phenomenal album, at least if you’re into that type of no-nonsense, old school music. On the album is a good mix of traditional rock songs, some more bluesy stuff, and occasionally a more up-tempo song.  I quite liked it I must admit, especially since I’m into vocals like Mr. Hart has, bluesy, yet strong, and also able to put some emotion into the music.