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Friday, November 1, 2013
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Candlemass/Krux bass player Leif Edling have allied forces with guitarist Marcus J. (Evergrey) drummer Lars S. (Tiamat), organist Carl W. (Krux) and newcomer Jennie-Ann Smith.  While familiar sounding, a few of these songs have very catchy melodies and are delivered with solid execution.. The very good use of mood, well structured songs and musical ability makes this 50-minute album a good pick for anyone into a folkier sort of doom metal. The epic sweep of nearly every track envelopes the listener into swirling maelstroms of emotions. The guitars are solid, the guitarsolos ala Ritchie Blackmore are expressive. The rhythm of the drums provide the album’s much-needed forward momentum while keyboards are used to perfect measure. The band employs various technical elements and creative songwriting to make their songs stand out from the morass that passes for doom metal these days. Jennie-Ann Smith is slipped into the vocal spot and she sounds absolutely fabulous and she can easily stand alongside any male vocalist in the genre. The Candlemass influence is loud and clear, but never derrative.

Avatarium is a warm and open album, full of great textures, great musicianship, and a depth of feeling that comes through every note. All in all, Avatarium have delivered one of the best doom metal records I've heard so far in 2013. This is a stunning disc, start to finish.