Bleed From Within

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Monday, March 25, 2013
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Three years on from “Empire”, Bleed From Within completed by guitarists Martyn Evans and Craig Gowans and bassist Davie Provan, are finally ready to launch their next album ‘Uprising’ on the metal world.

‘Uprising’ starts promising with a minute long intro setting the mood of the record, but from ‘Colony’ on is like listening to the same song twelve times with ever so slight modifications. This brings me to the main thing ‘Uprising’ has going for it: consistency. Not one song is noticeably worse than another, nor is any song much better. The riffs and drumming are what you’d expect from a metal core record – standard issue breakdowns, fast trashy sections connecting said breakdowns, and the occasional clean interlude to break up the monotony. The vocals and production are worthy of a mention though. Scott Kennedy has a full, rich tone in his screams and can hit highs and lows like it's nobodies business, and the production is clear enough to pick out each rhythm guitar counter melody yet muddy enough to provide a brooding, dense atmosphere to the already dissonant riffs.