Brutal Blues

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Brutal Blues
Release Date: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014
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Brutal Blues are a new Grind-combo from Norway, consisting of guitar player / vocalist Steinar (Psudoku, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, BxSxRx) and drummer / vocalist Anders (think: Blodsprut, Moha!, Ultralyd, Noxagt), who also took care of the final mix of this self-titled debut mini-album. This stuff was recorded at the Rifferiet Studio and comes with six lullabies, which last for about fifteen minutes in total.

The bio says that those who are trusted with the members’ former bands could have an idea of what this project stands for. Well, I have to be honest that I do not know the aural stuff by any of them. I recognize some names, but I can’t imagine having enjoyed anything at all in the past. And that ‘enjoy’ will not take place right now either. The Grindcore-stuff Brutal Blues bring is of a mostly enervating and irritating kind. It’s like O.L.D.-d-beat material but completely raped, or some hyper-kinetic Psycho-Grind effort screwed by a bunch of addicted low-profile punks.

Is it that bad? Well, actually yes and no. No, because the sound and the atmosphere (this is rather cynical, no, sarcastic, to use ‘atmosphere’ within this review) are pretty tolerable. But this stuff reeks of putrefaction (sometimes I like to smell it, but now it makes me puke). It has no identity, no balls either (making some noise is not enough, you silly bunch of [self-censorship]), and no passion. …and I like passion, sweet passionate pleasure. This record has not. …at all… Incomprehensible why a label like Selfmadegod releases this kind of crap…