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I won’t go way too deep into the matter, but RS-28 Sarmat has to do with a quite young intercontinental nuclear missile manufactured in the Russian Federation, able to devastate vast areas all around our oh so beautiful and beloved planet. Boom!


Incarnated are a Polish horde, formed more than two decades ago (!) by Pierscien (vocals, bass and guitars). During the nineties, Incarnated released several demo and a split with Damnable, and in 2001 there was a first full length, called Human Flesh. In 2006 they returned with another studio album, Pleasure Of Consumption, followed by another split, this time with Reexamine and Parricide (2008).

Brutal Blues

Brutal Blues are a new Grind-combo from Norway, consisting of guitar player / vocalist Steinar (Psudoku, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, BxSxRx) and drummer / vocalist Anders (think: Blodsprut, Moha!, Ultralyd, Noxagt), who also took care of the final mix of this self-titled debut mini-album. This stuff was recorded at the Rifferiet Studio and comes with six lullabies, which last for about fifteen minutes in total.

Blood I Bleed / Lycanthrophy

Primo, before starting: this stuff was initially released at the very end of 2012 on vinyl via France’s Extreme Metal-label Bones Brigade. …now re-issued on CD via Selfmadegod. This said…

This split-album brings material from two extremely crazy acts from respectively Holland (Blood I Bleed) and Czech Republic (Lycanthrophy). And with ‘crazy’ I do mean ‘CRAZY’!


Alehammer are a combo with former and / or current members from e.g. Impulse Manslaughter, Prophecy Of Doom, Extinction Of Mankind and Hellkrusher. They released a 10”EP in 2007, called Mine’s A Pint Of Crust (via Italy’s Agipunk, with acts like Prophecy Of Doom and Children Of Technology on its roster), and in 2009 there was a split with Sweden’s Tyrant, also via this Agipunk-label.


Not really my cup of tea, this legendary U trash/Crust/metal band, I can’t really say I have missed them since they first started around 1984-1985. They have released a steady stream of new albums between 1986 and 1992, when they split up. Having been reformed in somewhere in 2007-2008 they released ‘The Need To Kill’ in 2009.  This is actually the first time I ever heard something of this band.  My first impression was that I did hear some early Slayer in their music. I don’t hear the so-called punk influences though.


First discussion: full length or mini? Nearly thirty minutes, not fully.

Second discussion, and much more important: what to think about this material? The band consists of highly experienced musicians (Mark Riddick, Brian Forman and Matt Pike), so the expectations are high. Is it satisfying, does it fulfil one’s morbid nightmares?


American act Decrepitaph, consisting of two highly experienced musicians (Elektrokutioner and Sinworm), are known for numerous releases. Many of them were released as part of a split-EP, often on vinyl edition only. Therefore any compact disk-possessor and Gore / Death lover cannot but growl out loud: aaaaaarghhhh!

Forgotten Scriptures (The Collection), indeed, is a compilation with material taken from several splits the duo did in the past, including a couple of previously unreleased songs too.

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