Album Title: 
Projections Of Past, Present, And Future
Release Date: 
Thursday, August 4, 2016
Review Type: 

Hehe, I’m feeling quite lucky, for Cryostasium’s frontman Cody Maillet gave me the opportunity to listen to Projections Of Past, Present, And Future. It will be released in the future (a near future…), and this by -I’m sure- a smart label (nothing official yet, so let’s wait patiently), but I just felt like mentioning at least a couple of words on this newest Cryostasium recording – I guess it’s the 666th in mean time…

Anyway, for this release isn’t official yet, I’d like to keep it short as for now on (maybe the future will change things); besides, I will upload a couple of other reviews for pretty recently recorded / released Cryostasium stuff soon, so don’t be anxious or impatient, okay…

Projections Of Past, Present, And Future represents the core business of Cryostasium: Striborg-alike Crust-Black-Noise, rawer than some pieces of meat on my daily dish (in Cryostasium’s case, the flesh is still bleeding, gasping for air…). It’s quite remarkable how beautifully ugly it seems to be, this fine-tuned balance in between floating-melodious structures at the one hand, and those hammering, slashing-‘n’-smashing grimness and harshness at the other hand.

Anyway, as said before, this isn’t but a teaser for something huge to come up next, so look out for more info soon. And in the mean-time, beware for some more reviews. Until then, enjoy these projections (I’m sure the most intelligent ones amongst you might have heard of Bandcamp, for example) that deal with (y)our past, (y)our present and (y)our future…