Dragged Into Sunlight

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012
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Do you know Hatred For Mankind, Dragged Into Sunlight’s debut full length studio record? It was one of my favourite releases from 2008 (the stuff had been re-released in 2010/2011 through their current label, Prosthetic, and was reviewed very positively by colleague Tony, who shared my enthusiasm about this UK-based act; for the review: see the archives section, posted on the very end on October 2010). The sophomore album, WidowMaker, isn’t just a ‘logical’ or ‘evident’ follow-up, yet another step forward into Bleakness and Doom. It’s a conceptual forty-minutes epic, consisting of three tracks only (simply called Part I, Part II and, indeed, Part III).

WidowMaker too is a miscellaneous composition of masochistically created Post-Metal, dwelling in between Sludge, Doom, Drone and Black Metal, and nourished with elements from Psychedelic Rock as well as Death, Doom-Death, Funeral Doom and Crust elements. The three songs are a mixture of acoustic, quasi-Americana leads, pseudo-Folk rhythms and post-Rock alike Psychedelica at the one hand (which do even include weird violin lines) (especially Part I, which lacks of any ‘heavy’ addition, will follow this description), and ultra-heavy, oppressing, suffocating and skull-breaking Power-Violence or deep-grinding Black / Blast-assaults at the other…

Try to mix Alkerdeel, Neurosis, Ramesses, Eyehategod, Morgoth, AmenRa, Mortician (!), early Unearthly Trance, Year Of No Light etc., and you’ll get the picture – or at least, you might have a modest clue…