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Monday, March 25, 2013
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Finntroll are one of the leading bands from Finland when it comes to Folk-injected Extreme Metal. I don’t feel like re-writing the band’s biography or discography right here, because the web from a wide world has all information you might need.

Let’s get to Blodsvept immediately, Finntroll’s sixth full length studio album. Of course the material does not differ that much from any of the former releases. In comparison to the latest albums, and then again I will mention a certain ‘back-to-the-roots’-aspect, the Humppa-influences are much more pronounced and presented than before, giving the whole, in a way, a happier face. At the same time, some other pieces are heavier than ever before, mercilessly battering any smile of your face.

Don’t take it all too serious, because humour is an important aspect. Beer-hymns with a cynical wink to dullness, up-tempo, energetic and joyful, Blodsvept is nothing more, and certainly nothing less, than another nice bunch of catchy yet heavy Humppa Metal melodies. Nothing more this time, nothing less either.