Hair Balls

Album Title: 
Atomic Cucumber
Release Date: 
Monday, April 18, 2016
Review Type: 

A quick one: Atomic Cucumber is a re-release of the original album from 2013, re-released in an edition of 500 hand-numbered copies via Dark Front and Zombie Records, with distributional assistance by Satanath Records. It’s a filthy piece that irritates the listener’s consciousness for half an hour, but in case you’re a masochistic entity, it might be a pleasure…

The quartet (vocalist Nikita Nikitin, guitarist Alexandr Shchepin, bassist Mikhail Ivankin, and drummer Anton Kuznetsov) perform an energetic and no-nonsense form of Punk-laden Thrash Metal with an overdose on humour. The latter goes for several aspects: lyrics (with titles like Married To A Beer you might have a clue), performance and visual artwork. You do not need to take it all too serious; relax, bang your head and thrash around, baby!

Actually, music-wise Hair Balls will never become the most technical Thrash act on our (stinking, but that’s another issue) globe. Their play is quite simplistic, with simple riffs and catchy rhythms. Though, it’s the fun-aspect behind the idea that counts. And besides, it’s not that these guys cannot play their instrument. Actually, some solos, the drum patterns, the guitar and bass riffs and the varying vocals are very impressive for sure. It’s just the simplicity of the stuff that is quite lo-fi oriented; yet since that’s the aim, one cannot complain etc…

So, to keep it simple: if you can appreciate humoristic and catchy, yet quite powerful and hammering Thrash Metal with a Punk / Crossover attitude, then you will absolutely adore this stuff. In an objective way I will consider my final score…