Album Title: 
Angelcunts & Devilcocks
Release Date: 
Monday, September 2, 2013
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Dutch Heretic were formed in North Brabant, Holland, in 1995. Throughout the past years, they recorded a handful of (excellent) albums: Black Metal Holocaust (1999), Devilworshipper (2003), and after a temporary split Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan (2008); they also released some splits (e.g. with Bestial Summoning and Barbatos), a live-album and a compilation (the latter was called Praising Satan – 15 Years Of Ultimate Satanic Sleaze; Soulseller Records 2010; review available in the Archives-section of Concreteweb on the February 13th 2011-update).

This fourth full length studio record, Angelcunts & Devilcocks, has a total running time of forty three minutes and combines elements from all former efforts. It’s simple, primal and unpretentious, catchy and sleazy, it’s Rock ‘n Roll translated into the sounds of primitive, uncomplex Black / Thrash headbangers’ fun with a punkish attitude and a non-modest dose of booze, babes and babes filled with booze.

Angelcunts & Devilcocks holds the middle in between the doomish passages of Black Metal Holocaust, the rawness of Devilworshipper, and the ironic Speed-fun of Gods Over Humans …, and the rather simplistic approach isn’t but a monumental surplus in this band’s case. The old fashioned hybrid of (Speed / Thrash / Black / Heavy / Doom) Metal and crusty Punk is, the way it’s done by Heretic, above nihilistic mediocrity; way above the grey average for sure. Why this praising? Well, actually I do not know how to express this superiority in comparison to colleagues that try to yet not succeed to. It’s just that these Dutchmen use the right balance of sound, performance and attitude, I guess. It all fits, just that simple.

For fans of everything in between early Venom, Tormentor, Bathory, Amebix, Root, Aura Noir, Bulldozer, Gehennah, Warfare, Abigail, Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Bunker 66 and Carnivore.