Album Title: 
Putrid Death Sorcery
Release Date: 
Monday, January 28, 2013
Review Type: 

Necrowretch are a French combo with one goal only: METALLL! The band is proud to deny any trend or popularity conquest, so they are about to win my sympathy. One important thing left: doing good music (i.e. song writing + performance). Do they? Will they?

Actually, I did listen to Putrid Death Society a couple of times in mean time, and each time again I start crying spontaneously. Oh my Lord of Sulphuric Stench, quelle surprise! This is the essence of Old School Purity. Putrid and thrashy Black / Death Metal with no remorse, no mercy, no modern gadgets or infantile bull’s faeces… simple, primitive, straight-forward speed-up and energetic Evil Metal instead, honouring the glorious days of the eighties with respect to the originators. And on top of it, without a cheap copycat-attitude, for this band sort of developed an own sound.

It’s not the first time this year that I’m almost out of words to express my thought about a superior recording, but believe me: if you can appreciate material in between very early stuff by bands or projects like Death (Scream Bloody Gore-era), Bathory (pre-Hammerheart), Possessed, Enthroned, Merciless, Necrodeath, Kreator, Repugnant, Asphyx and this kind of aural beauty…

Duration: 35:53 minutes, which is way too short.