The Nightstalker

Album Title: 
The Chronicles Of Natural City
Release Date: 
Monday, December 15, 2014
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A while ago I promised to review the latest album by The Nightstalker, which is a project of Steve Fabry (see upload on April 24th 2015, which concerns the re-issue of 2013’s Against The Anesthesist, also via Wolfshade Records), so now, finally, here it is…

The Chronicles Of Natural City brings about forty minutes of mystic Music, and that starts with the opening track already, bringing a mixture of acoustic guitars, the (neo) folkish way and grim blackened spoken words, then joined by a melody on, I think electric synth, with organ sounds… Eh, yes indeed, this is a promise for quite a unique journey. The Chronicles Of Natural City indeed continues the very same way, mingling elements from both Atmospheric and catchy Goth-Black Metal, Dark Ambient, orchestral Symphonics, traditional Epic Metal, Pagan-Folk, dark-edged Gothic and so on.

In general, this album is more expressive and less folksy than Against The Anesthesist, yet still it leaves me hungry and unsatisfied. I am searching for coherence, but I seem not to find it. I am impatiently waiting for highlights, but a grey mist covers any possible escape. But if you are searching (imagine) for some mixture in between Finnugor, Eros Necropsique, Lord Agheros and the likes …