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Mettadone are quite a new project by drummer Evgeniy Shamarin and singer Max Iliashenko, two Ukrainian guys who joined forces under this moniker in 2014. Evgeniy wrote some material around that period, and together with Max and several session musicians, they recorded a first album in the N.C. Records studio. Evgeniy himself took care of the production, and the lyrics were written by Katerina Gurieva, who also performs the female vocals on this first album.

The Nightstalker

Wolfshade Records are a (small) label from the city of Rivne, in the North-West of Ukraine (not that far away from the borders with Belarus and Poland), known for releases for bands such as Tyrania, Sea Of Despair, Ethir Anduin, Fabiant, Mettadone, Poezd Rodina or Mortalium.


Fabiant are a band from Belarus, which were formed almost a decade ago. However, despite ten years of existence, they didn’t release but two recordings in mean time: Life Despite Nothing, a mini-CD which was self-released in 2010, and Death Is Not The End, their full length debut that sees the light via Ukrainian Wolfshade Records.


Hailing from the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, Mortalium did debut in very early 2011 with the EP On The Broken Wings (though it was available before in digital format too). Metal Renaissance did release this band’s debut full length in Spring 2013 (with one of the most fabulous covers I know!), and now, with a slightly adapted line-up, Mortalium return with the sophomore full length, Obligate Loneliness.

Sea Of Despair

Sea Of Despair are a Russian combo that did celebrate its tenth anniversary earlier this year. Throughout the past decade, they did record and release a handful of EP’s as well as two full lengths. One of those, Mоре Отчaяния (aka More Otchayaniya, which means ‘sea of despair’), was released in June 2009 via Wolfshade Records.

The Nightstalker

A while ago I promised to review the latest album by The Nightstalker, which is a project of Steve Fabry (see upload on April 24th 2015, which concerns the re-issue of 2013’s Against The Anesthesist, also via Wolfshade Records), so now, finally, here it is…

Poezd Rodina

Poezd Rodina (aka Поезд Родина) are a young project, formed in 2014 by a guy from Russia and one from Ukraine. Both of them, Andrey Tvorogov (instruments) and Evgeniy ‘Eugene’ (vocals) play together under the name Montes Insania too, another superb act on Satanath Records. There will be a review on Montes Insania too in a near future, by the way.

Ethir Anduin

Ethir Anduin (named after the delta of the Anduin-river in the Belfalas Bay; cf. Tolkien…) were formed in 2006, and the earliest years were characterised by a relative silence, at least when it comes to official releases. Sole member Alexei Veselov wrote several tracks, but none were released. As from 2010 however, Ethir Anduin did bring out lots of things, including several mini and full length albums. And now this project returns with the fifth album, I Magen Av Svart Kaos, which has a total running time of forty two minutes.

The Nightstalker

The Nightstalker is an outfit by Sercati’s Steve Fabry, and Wolfshade Records did offer us both the new release (the review will follow soon) as well as this one, 2013’s Against The Anesthesist; and since I am so kind to take care of that older stuff too, please join me…

Against The Anesthesist has a total running time of almost forty minutes and it does not bring the stuff we’re used to – though some purists might notice this project’s grandiose raison d’être immediately.

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