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Monday, August 20, 2012
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I don’t know whether it is really meant to mean something like to purloin, but what I do know is that Verdonkermaan is the third part of a trilogy, once preceded by Krach and Grond. And there is no doubt about this continuation: Verdonkermaan is a logical, merciless successor!

The five tracks last for about forty three minutes, and believe me: it’s a nasty (yet at the same time: masochistically blessing) experience to be subject to this abyssal obscurity. But: me like! Nihill stand for no-nonsense, uncompromising and uncomplicated pitch-black terror; grinding and misanthropic Noise born out of the Horned One’s final digestive organs, filled with sulphuric remnants of a lost humanity. Primitive, nihilistic, minimalistic, but at the same time veiled in a purity of the most barbarian, quasi sado-erotic way - indeed: me like!

Some hypnotic, semi-droning Lugubre - meet - Aosoth - meet - Beherit - meet - Sargeist - meet - Sammath - meet - Blut Aus Nord - meet - Abruptum-etc-alike symbiosis of the bloodiest kind ;-)!