Album Title: 
Rats And Rumours
Release Date: 
Monday, October 20, 2014
Review Type: 

What the is this I thought, when I put this CD on.  Was I given some as yet unknown, hidden Motörhead album ?  But halfway through the first song the reality dawned on me. This is a band who is doing his utmost best to sound like the aforementioned band, and almost succeeds.  Starting from the voice, down to the bass guitar, even the sound of the drums and the guitars have been copied from Motörhead, at least that’s my opinion.

Is this a bad or a good thing?  I leave this question open.  Motörhead of course is an institution, a monument in the metal world.  To try to copy their sound, well, you’ve got to have balls to do it.  There have been other bands in the past, who have tried to bring out something similar, but a band like the long forgotten French band Vulcain gave it a twist of their own.  Nitrogods however sound almost like Motörhead, although on songs like ‘Irish Honey’ and ‘Automobile’ they manage to mix in something I’d call rockabilly.

Since Lemmy’s health after all those years of abuse is a bit in decline, maybe Nitrogods can try to take over the torch.

I have to admit I liked the album, and found it sounded more refreshing than the last Motörhead releases, because there is more variation in the songs Nitrogods bring us. I would rate this album almost on par with ‘Ace Of Spades’, one of the best albums that were ever released by Motörhead  if you ask me.