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Raven were something of a cult band back in the eighties, and had some good songs, and although the manager of Megaforce Records Jon Zazula believed they had it in them to become a major label material (they signed their first record deal with Neat Records, the legendary low-budget metal label) and they eventually had a deal with Atlantic Records, the promises could never be fulfilled.


There aren’t that many bands around that can say that they exist since over 40 years, and still contain some of the original band members.  UFO  though is one of these bands, where original vocalist Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker are still present in their line-up. 


Almost a year after their latest studio release Prong surprises us with a new longplayer. This time it's not about new songs, it's more a kind of journey into the personal record collection of the Tommy Victor and band mates.

Mother’s Finest

Mother's Finest had their peak already in the 70's. In 1977 the band released their hit "Baby love" followed by a few more longplayers. The last release was ‘Meta-Funk'n-Physical’. They have been pioneers in combining funk ryhthms with rock guitars; years before bands like Living Colors and Mordred picked up this crossover again in the 80's and 90's.


Before i express my opinion, I have to admit that black/trash metal is not usually my kind of music... But I did like Persecution Mania. Long time ago though.... Even listened to Epitome of Torture again, to catch up.


I guess SPV/Steamhammer wanted to hop on the bandwagon, and make money by releasing this single as a Christmas release, and linking this to the commemoration of the Great War as well (That’s the First World War, for those of you who have just come out of a centuries long hibernation – just kidding of course).

Mob Rules

Since their beginnings – already 20 years ago I suddenly realize – Mob Rules have released seven studio albums, and to celebrate their 20 years existence have now released this Timekeeper album, which consists of 2 full CD’s, a DVD containing only a single, and a DVD.

Black Trip

Although this Stockholm based Swedish retro Heavy Metal band was formed only recently, as a result of a conversation between Peter Stjärnvind (veteran of the Swedish Metal scene, with a history in the bands Face Down, Entombed, Unanimated, Regurgitate, Nifelheim, Merciless, Damnation, Born Of Fire, and currently still also active with Pest, Murder Squad and Krux) and Joseph Tholl


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