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Tuesday, February 5, 2013
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With Cypher, Haemoth-side-project Spektr bring a totally instrumental album, i.e. forty six harsh minutes without any recorded vocals. The only vocal lines are taken from different samples, from speeches, movies etc. Anything else is based on instrumentation.

Cypher is Black Metal, yet without the screams, in different aspects. It’s Post-Black, Suicidal Black, Industro-Black and ‘just’ Black (with the faster, and ‘purely’ Black-oriented parts reminding me especially to the Scandinavian scene), injected with elements from Dark Ambient, Noise, (several kinds of) Industrial and aural rituals whatsoever. More than before, this album sounds progressive / avant-garde as well; what about this: ‘Ozric Tentacles go Black’?...

Transcending, hallucinogenic, an eerie experience only France (or maybe Italy) could create…