Virgin Steele

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Monday, June 16, 2014
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Not contenting themselves with the re-release of ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Part One & Part Two", Steamhammer are also at the same time re-releasing Virgin Steele’s 1998 album ‘Invictus’.

On the first disc you’ll find the original songs that were featured on the ‘Invictus’ album, whereas on the second disc you mainly get some acoustic medleys of songs that featured either on the ‘Invictus’ of ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell’ albums, but some other songs are featured as well, and finally there is one completely new track there as well.

I will not comment on the old material, that has been done in the past.  Concerning the ‘new’ stuff, the acoustic medleys, I’d say you hate it or you love it. It has it’s interests, because you get to hear some unusual version of these songs, and because they are medleys.  But for me personally they are not interesting enough to buy this double pack, unless of course you don’t already own a copy of the original recording.