Album Title: 
Anomalous Altrium
Release Date: 
Friday, November 4, 2022
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I am extremely pleased with the foundation of Centipede Abyss, a very young label from the U.K. that releases sweet lullabies and singalongs that involve Pan Inentropy and same-minded sonic mad(wo)men. Pan is the guy behind hordes like e.g. Act Of Entropy or Ar’lyxkq’wr, and in order to keep the band-name smooth and simple, he also co-founded Zvylpwkua (try to repeat this out loud five times without stuttering or hesitating). Soon I will also write a review on a split that Act Of Entropy did with Zebulon Kosted, but let’s now focus on Anomalous Altrium, the debut for Centipede Abyss by Zvylpwkua.

This formation consists of Ionnonnisssz, Tru’nymraat and Yydraah, performing ‘the calls of the Outer Ones from beyond the court of angular Space’. More specifically, this release can be considered a sonic interpretation of a similar yet unexplored existence, differing totally from our knowledge on scientific principles and earthly physics; it’s like the Outer Ones from Lovecraft’s world that did sort of exist in a parallel universe, yet still closely connected to our material existence. Relationship and anomaly, gathered through sound. This concept was used as basement to define the ‘Music’ created by Zvylpwkua.

Anomalous Altrium consists of six compositions, being released via digital sources, as well as on compact-disc. The latter has sold out in the meantime, unfortunately, and will not, never, be reprinted. But the digital one awaits you… Anyway, this recording comes with harsh and explicit but truly intriguing (cover) artwork (created by the band itself), which surely fits to the concept and to the aural effort.

For just over half an hour, Anomalous Atrium offers the innocent audience a mind-blowing, somewhat masochistic experience, which is as overwhelming as it is inordinate. It’s a sound-score that trespasses the known borders of acceptance, penetrating aural dimensions that have not been explored yet. The better part is more or less drinking from the same (poisonous) well, which is actually a devastating, apocalyptic and dissonant mixture of frenzy drum salvoes, free-styled guitar tapestry, disobedient rhythm-strings, and repulsive, defiled growls with a bestial air. ...an exploration and expression of out-of-the-box-thinking!

The play is of a high-tech niveau, despite the turbulent disruption in execution and the improvisational presentation. I mentioned the free-style approach, which characterizes this recording, so it is almost unique to notice that it all makes sense. …Or not at all, at the very same time, which must be the goal of this carefully deconstructed sonic discordancy. Many guitar-lines overwhelm and condemn, for reinventing the ordinary techniques usually used. Spitting on the mainstream methods and redefining ‘the known’ works more convincing in this case than following normality and prediction. Here’s where the spirit of Free-Jazz dwells and influences. Yet still, it is like that Mathcore-scene, where the ability to combine frenzy paroxysm and modestly structured complexity at the one hand, with balanced craftsmanship at the other hand, prevails.

Once in a while, certain fragments add a level of surreal mystery and abyssal obscurity, which strengthens the Lovecraftian concept. The small piece The Court Of Angular Space is such semi-Ambient example (), or what about the outro on the last ‘song’ Discordant Murmur… But even then, things never seem to follow a one-directional point of view (point-of-listen), for an overload on loops, breaks and tempo-changes continuously define what’s next to come. And that what is next to come, well, that’s a revelation, a surprise, time after time; a surprise like an Easter egg, filled with acid and poisonous gas, instead of pieces of sugar and chocolate.

For fans of (and I admit that this list isn’t but an open-minded and non-exclusive direction, and a subjective opinion): Portal, Ad Nauseam, Gorguts, Effluence, even Lurid Panacea, Cryptopsy, Defeated Sanity, Impetuous RitualAltarage and the likes, and of course, Act Of Entropy, Ar’lyxkq’wr and the whole The Avant-Void family, if you want to…