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The story of Hermann starts in 2014, when four musicians joined forces. Amongst them are former or actual members of e.g.


Active since 2012, German act Pestlegion, originating from the city of Marl in Germany, not that far away from the border with the Netherlands, didn’t record that much. In early April 2014 they released the mini-CD March To War via Bret Hard Records, and early 2017 saw the light for the first full length (and sole full album to date), called Dominus Profundum via that very same German label.

Animo Aeger

For some reason, I have great respect for the Berlin-based label Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. They have a small yet quite eccentric roster, with just few yet highly interesting releases. I did write some reviews in the past (enter this label’s name to find out) and there are some coming up soon. First I will focus on the album KotzeAdel by Animo Aeger.


~~Swedish act Siniestro, once formed as Graverape Ritual, return with Revelations In Mayhem, about two years after the Oppression Of The Sunlight EP (the review I did for that one was published on November 11th 2014; you can enter the band’s or label’s name in the ‘search’-tab to find out more about the band / label), and four years after Against The Rotten Music Industry (which actually was released under the former band’s moniker, Graverape Ritual).

Sunshine & Lollipops

I have to admit that I did pleasantly enjoy the split album in between Wigrid and Sunshine & Lollipops, called Split The Indifference / Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit. In case you’re interested, you can find the review on this label’s update of December 2nd 2014.

Wigrid / Sunshine And Lollipops

Young Berlin-based label Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions release this interesting split, intelligently entitled Split The Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit). The first two tracks are done by Wigrid (aaaaahrgh, do they still exist?), the four others by joyfully named Sunshine And Lollipops. And it’s a rather confusing album, I think, for both projects do perform pretty distinctive (Black) Metal. But that contrast might be a statement, a convinced f*ck-off in the face of the ignorant / arrogant establishment.


I knew a Spanish Punk act called Siniestro (a long time ago), but this review deals with a band formerly known as Graverape Ritual. This Swedish project’s name changed into the current moniker in 2012, if I am not mistaken, and Oppression Of The Sunlight is the first release under the current constellation. At the same time it’s the third release on Berlin-based Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions, a young label that focuses on Extreme Music in general, i.e. Punk, Metal, Crust etc.

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