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Crucified Barbara


Mia Coldheart – Vocals/Guitar

Klara Force - Guitar

Ida Evileye - Bass

Nicky Wicked - Drums

The Swedish ladies from ‘Crucified Barbara’ are together since 1998. Until 2003 they were with 5 band members, but after they began to play with 4 instead of 5 the ball began to roll with their 4th album ‘In The Red’.


Kamchatka is from Sweden and their bluesy stoner on The Search Goes On seems like it would transfer very well to a live performance.

Although Kamchatka doesn't add an entirely new flavor to a familiar genre, they do a more than fine job of it. The song writing is sharp and snappy and the performance is spot on.  My only complaint about this CD, their fifth already, is that the vocals are pretty one-dimensional and change very little from track to track. Then again, that's a standard trait of the stoner genre.


If you like down to earth, raw kick-ass metal that sounds best played live at your local titties bar, then this is right up your crotch. The high energy of Knuckle Duster that may not be big on originality is cool, infectious, raunchy and bang your head that doesn’t bang in every other way.

For fans of: Motörhead, Motörhead, Motörhead and yes Tank and Venom too.

Robert Dahlqvist

The Hellacopters disbanded amicably in 2008 so the members could move on to other projects.For whatever reason, guitarist Robert Dahlqvist of The Hellacopters saw fit to release an album as a solo artist.. The resulting album is both intriguing and inspiring in the variations.

Civil War

Power metal band Civil War, with four out of six members being ex-Sabaton, released their debut album, The Killer Angels. It should come as no surprise that the sound is very similar to the one of Sabaton, although Civil War sounds a bit more aggressive.

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